Denim x Denim


Hello dears! This oversized denim top was a great find. I’d been searching for one in my local thrift stores, but came across this one at H&M and thought I couldn’t pass this one up. Still at a great price of course. I wore this top in another post in a more casual way. I wanted to make this look casual but with a pop of color for a bit of interest. This look would be perfect for a day of shopping or brunch with friends.

 Denim shirt: H&M (Here’s a cool design.) | Jeans: F21 (Want these.) | Shoes: Target (Love these.) | Bracelet: H&M

Any who, I’ve been very short on words lately. (Hence my lack of posts.) Partly, because I’m a bit stressed at the moment. My mind is filled with concerns and things that I need to find an answer for. I ask that you guys pray for my internal struggles.

What I have been using lately to help me calm my nerves is Brandy’s new album, Two Eleven. I LOVE IT! The album has a mixture of song writers and producers that worked on the album with Brandy that gave a fresh feeling to her come back as an artist.

Have you heard this album? What do you think?