Embellish: Anjolee, The Art of Jewelry

I must admit, I wish I could get married again. Not because I wasn’t satisfied the first time, but I loved the whole experience. Picking my dress, picking my shoes, and of course the most important part was picking the accessories. My husband is actually very good a picking jewelry and he has an eye for what I like which is a plus. But Anjolee makes picking the right stone, the right style, and the right price to make a bride feel like it was made just for her.
Anjolee definitely holds up to it’s name as being a company that customizes your jewelry piece for you. The art of handcrafting a ring, bracelet, or earrings is all in your hands with the help of 35 year old company that has been featured in many retail stores across the country. Being able to purchase right from the manufacturer is always a plus for any customer. I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the designers from Anjolee and tapping into what it takes to make a customer’s customizable piece.

*Introduce yourself – Name, Origin, Education, Length of time as a jewelry designer.
 My name is Mila, I am originally from Los Angeles, CA. and have been living in Northern San Diego for over 12 years. I received a degree in architecture from San Diego State University in 2004. I ended up switching gears and interests and decided to enroll in a full year of jewelry courses at the GIA  (Gemological Institute of America) up in Carlsbad. I have been working full-time as a 3D jewelry and CAD designer for the last 5 years.

*What inspires you to working in this industry?
My passions revolve around creating unique and cutting edge jewelry designs.

*How long does it usually take you to construct a piece? What is your jewelry making process?*What is your typical day like creating Anjolee pieces?
It usually takes me 4-6 hours to brainstorm ideas about a design concept. Sometimes I start with a sketch and draw by hand while looking for inspiration. I am still intrigued by the strict rules observed in architecture but also the softness found in nature. When I begin to think about a concept, I try and visualize the end result and decide in advance if it will be an attractive jewelry piece when it is finished.

*What is the biggest perk of being a jewelry designer for Anjolee?
My fulfillment comes from being able to do something creative for work, and also draws largely from seeing an idea that originated in my mind become an item that sells well on our website. I am especially proud when it  become a top rated design (by customers).

*Do you have big plans, new ideas or designs you will be exploring soon?
At this time, a team of us are focusing on a brand new line of wedding rings called the ‘Luxe Collection’ to be offered on Anjolee.com later this year. I am currently setting up files for a darling ring that has a princess cut center diamond, accented by a combination of round and marquise shaped diamonds.

*What accessory do you mostly NEVER leave the house wearing?
I don’t leave the house without my wedding ring, and usually choose something simple to accessorize like a pair of studs or a precious pendant necklace that was given to me from my Aunt.

*Thanks Mila!

After conversing with this company, I felt like this company allowed the customer to create their own special piece. To be different and to set yourself apart from others. That’s what style embodies. Let Anjolee help you create what’s best for you!