The BEST REVIEW: HANAair Professional Hair Dryer

 I was kindly sent this dryer from Misikko to review. “The Premiere Hair Dryer” is the nickname of this blow dryer. I’m going to divide my review into categories on what I think is important when purchasing a hair dryer.


 SALON RECOMMENDED! This blow dryer is a bit heavy compared to your normal hair dryer. I’ve compared this dryer with my random one I purchased from a drug store and it doesn’t compare. The motor is of great quality which brings 2300 watts of power which is why it’s named one of the best hair dryers.

Another detail I noticed about this dryer is the cord. I know it’s random, but it caught my interest! lol The cord is a thick rubber extension which reminds me of a Cat-5 cable — ethernet cord for internet service — okay that was a little nerdy. Any who, it’s really thick and it doesn’t get tangled while drying your hair.  

Drying Time
I mostly like to let my hair air dry for about 5-10 minutes before using a blow dryer, but normally it takes me 25 minutes to blow my hair from drench to completely dry. I decided to let my hair air dry exactly 5 minutes and preceded with this blow dryer and it took only 7 minutes to dry completely!

I must admit, I was a bit confused on the settings. The first time I turned it on it blew nothing but COLD air. I began to think that maybe the dryer had to ‘warm-up’ before the actually heat came out. Then I noticed the COOL button was pressed OUT. (see video)  There are three control settings on this dryer and I finally began to understand how this blow dryer worked. Using these settings allows you to regulate your heat setting. At first I was unsure about the settings, but began to LOVE my options.

There is only one attachment for this hair dryer, which is okay for me. If you normally use the ‘comb’ attachment for your hair dryer, this may be a negative for you.

Although this dryer comes with a lovely dust bag for traveling, it would definitely stay at home. It’s quite expensive at $195, but it’s lasted me seven months so far. It’s a dryer that you are able to control as far as temperature which is something that is important for me. The low emission of EMFs helps with the heat damage for your hair, so saving money for this tool would be an asset to your hair health.

To finish my hair styling, I used the Chi flat iron as well as Chi hair products such as the Chi Silk Infusion which makes my hair soft and protects it from further damage.


What do you think of this product? Do you have the HanaAir? Do you use a Chi flat iron or any of their hair products? I’d love your feedback!