Family Matters

Now that I’m back in the South, I’ve been excited to visit my family more often. Being nearly 1,500 miles away was hard, especially during holidays and special events. I always have a great time with my family and it’s never a dull moment with them. Having a support system and people who genuinely care about you and want more for you is hard to come by.

Our family gets together every year to celebrate history, love, and accomplishments. We decided to hit the Gulf coast for some sun (briefly) and relaxation.
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I feel like it’s been forever since my last post! As some of you know from Twitter, I was in the process of moving (still unpacking) and now I can post more regularly. Hope your week is productive!


  • Oh thats so great that you get the chance to visit you family =)

  • Sia

    Nothing as fun as family time. x