Brilliant Brand: H&M Grand Opening in Houston with Nicole Christie

I must say I was a bit disappointed moving here when I realize there was no H&M in sight. Not remembering that in my younger years, I’d never seen one in the South anyway. Boston opened me up to H&M and to say the least I was pretty obsessed with the store. You’ve seen me feature a lot of H&M’s pieces here so you can tell I had a problem. 🙂
I had already planned to be in line at 5am just to be the first to walk in the store, but lo and behold an email in my inbox from H&M asking me to come to their opening breakfast to view the store before the public, shop, and also interview Nicole Christie from NBC Fashion Star. I was giddy like a teeny bopper who was about to meet Justin Beiber. 
As I walked through the back doors of the beautiful decorated 20,000-square-foot store, I instantly saw Nicole Christie which made me a little nervous. I began to take a few pictures of the store and see the breakfast laid out for us and thought, “It’s finally here!” Then NC approached me like she had already met me. She complimented my outfit Personable, stylish, and comfortable are words that describe her. Here’s our little chat:

BoB: I’m a Fashion Star fanatic and you did absolutely great. If you could pick a designer to design solely for H&M which would you pick? Only one.
NC: Thank you! Only one?
BoB: Okay, I’ll push it to two.
NC: I would pick Kara and I would pick Sarah.
BoB: Really?
NC: OH, and I would pick Nzimiro because he’s menswear. Ok, let me stop because the more I say it the more I’ll add on.

BoB: So watching the show, we got to see hand-picked designers, how does the process really work for designers to showcase their designs for H&M?
NC: Our design department is based in Stockholm. So we have about 140 designers who design everything you see (in the store). We hire designers from all over the world. People who are willing to relocate and work in Stockholm because that’s where all the creativity is. That’s the Mothership. From design schools, we hire people who have been working professional in the industry for years. And we are always looking for designers with a new and fresh view point that can push H&M to the next level and add to our assortment and compliment what we already have. 

NC: So you have to move to Stockholm or be on the next Fashion Star.
BoB: When is that actually? (Fashion Star)
NC: I don’t know. They are still talking about it.
BoB: And you will be apart of the show?
NC: I would love to, if that opportunity presents itself, but I think the most important thing is the response we’ve gotten from the first season. People have been so happy to learn about what H&M does as a brand. To see how we make decisions on what to put in the store and sell to them. Having all those conversations to come public has been amazing. We’ve gotten such a great reaction to it.

BoB: I love the Spring/Summer Collection here in the store.
NC: I know right! I’m so ready to shop. I’ve already seen items I want!

BoB: I’m pushing to the Fall already. What can we expect?
NC: Fall is going to be great. We just did our open house in NY. For the Fall trends, we really believed in focus on luxurious fabrics. Brocade, tweeds, embellishments, stones, and rich colors like burgundy, rich charcoals. That’s the first look at Fall!

 They are planning a big expansion in the South and West Coast. Online shopping should be coming in the Fall, as well. If you knew about Versace for H&M, they do plan to collaborate with another designer for their online showcase. Can’t wait to see who the designer is! Be on the look out!

H&M Store located at BayBrook Mall in Friendswood, TX. Click here for my TV promo! 


Sophia and Robert were the first in line at H&M Houston. Sophia has shopped at the Dallas location as well as the San Francisco. Aren’t they cute?

BoB – Shirt: Thrifted ($1.00) | Disco Pants: American Apparel | Bracelet and Earrings: H&M 
Nicole Christie – Dress: H&M 


  • Eva

    Really great interview! Love the pics and your coverage of the opening, great work!

  • I can’t wait until they either expand in the South or offer online shopping. I’ve been waiting on either for years.

  • How fun! I have to tell you – that is the neatest I have ever seen an H&M. SO glad they moved to Houston!

  • Wow, the grand opening seemed like such a fun and fabulous event. Thanks for sharing! Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

  • I’m so jealous. I wish Louisiana had a H&M!! Love your blog & outfit post. You have great style! Xx