Wonderful Weekend

It’s so wonderful to see a group of people, come together, from all walks of life, to dedicate their time to spread the word about a disease their family, friends, or someone they don’t even know are suffering with. I was overwhelmed with the support and dedication companies, individuals, and on-lookers showed. They supplied great spirit in routing bikers on, who devoted months of training to finally finish the race to advance the knowledge of individuals who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. From Houston to Austin, MS150, a college friend of mine took the challenge to bike three hours to support this cause. I’m so proud of her! Congratulations Courtney!
In addition to this wonderful weekend, I caught word that Lauren Conrad was stopping in Houston for her book tour and release of The Fame Game. So many girls lined up to see her! I’ve not read any of the previous books but I bought this one just to get a glimpse of her!

Pics via Instagram

Hope you enjoyed! 

  • wow! great game honey, it seems so nice 😛
    have a great day!


  • It seems you had great fun! love it

  • Oh wow what a fantastic event. We need more opportunities to raise awareness like this!