New Beginnings

OMG.. I have no idea what my husband and I were thinking when we DROVE from Boston to Texas. I wouldn’t wish that on ANYONE. But for those who were wondering, we made it safely. We stopped in North Carolina where majority of the city was celebrating March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day combined. Such a sight to see! lol

Now that we are here, it’s been okay to adjusting. Spending time with family and friends has made this move worth while. And this WEATHER is… absolutely lovely. I can’t wait to burst out my new neon brights to get in the Spring spirit.

Are any of you wearing neons this Spring?

Hope you guys are having a wonderful spring so far! 

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  • Sia

    Oh, I’m so happy to hear you made it safe. I love those colours together. x

  • I love your blazer <3. xoxo


  • Yeah, that sounds like a terrible, terrible drive! You look lovely though!

  • GFS

    Ma’am I told you on Saturday…Houston only has summer. Lol. You ‘ll see:)

  • Yea that’s a long drive girl!!!! Some of my co-workers have driven from Philly to Houston because our company headquarters are up there, but Boston…way too much! So glad you are here in Houston though! Loving the blazer!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style