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Romper: F21
Fishnet Tights: Target
Blazer: H&M
Shoes: JC Fairlane

Hi Guys! Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day! The Mister and I went to a small restaurant in Cambridge where we knew there wouldn’t be a big crowd. I would have taken pictures but we were running late because of me and I forgot my camera. :-

Anywho, remember in this post when I mentioned this year was already a 360 degree turn roller coaster ride? Well, I’m still strapped in with my hands high in the air!
 For the rest of the month, I’ll be featuring previous outfits worn and also a couple of reviews until I’ve settled in. Don’t be alarmed if you see posts of me with extensions and then short hair (lol). I’ll be randomly choosing them as these were taken at different times.

 This colorful outfit let’s you know I’m so ready for spring/summer. Rompers/Playsuits were such a hit last Spring season and I loved the different patterns and colors. They’re literally the easiest thing to throw on and get out of the door!

Are you a fan of rompers/playsuits? Do you think they will make a comeback this Spring/Summer Season?

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