What Matters Most Is How You See Yourself

I was invited to my first facial last week. I had easily imagined going to a fairly crowded place with a room that looked almost like a hospital room. I was definitely surprised. As I was greeted with tea into this lovely “business”, I felt like I had walked into a beautiful home that was directly catered to me. This spa has such a wonderful atmosphere and the owner is a doll! Here are some pictures of La Residencia Spa

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For a more detailed review, please click here.

The title of this post was a sign that was posted in the restroom at La Residencia Spa with a kitten looking into a mirror that was reflecting a lion. Confidence and Beauty starts within!

xoxo, Brittany

  • The decor is so chic and elegant looking…I know you were extremely relaxed

  • Love la Residencia!

  • Your first facial?! Was it a revelation? I should get them more often but can’t be bothered to make appointments. I always feel better after though.