My First Blog Award

Hey Dolls! So excited to annouce my first blog award! yaaaaaaay! whoop whoop!
I have received my first award from the lovely Berry Haute, thank you sooo much hun!! 🙂 It is given to those with less then 200 followers to help you to connect to more people.
Now I get to pass it on to five blogs that are up and coming which are:

These blogs have a little bit of everything! Hair, Shoes, Fashion, Beauty, and Poetry!

Girls remember to:
*Post this on your wall
*Chose five bloggers you want to give it to and comment on a post letting them know you have chosen them
*Show thanks to the person who gave you the award by linking it back to them.

Special shoutout to my followers and avid readers! You guys are the best! Thanks for supporting me thus far!
xoxo, Brittany