Shopping on Newbury Street!

Went on a weekend trip with my partner in crime (LaDean) and we decided to hit up Newbury Street in Boston! It was such a good idea not to wear heels because flats was even a hassle. So many people on Newbury Street especially since Boston Fashion Week is coming soon. 
We hit up every boutique our legs could handle to see what fashions were gonna be in this fall. We saw retro dresses with sparkles that would light up any room. Leather pants, bold shoulders, strappy heels with chain accessories (which LaDean loved!). And then…. we stopped at the greatest scent in the world.. Lush Cosmetics!
As the smells bombarded our nose palettes as we entered the store, LaDean fell in love! LOL She was instantly drawn to citrus smells and glittery soaps. She even stated that she won’t be going back to Bath & Body Works! LOL One of the main reasons I love Lush Cosmetics — FREE hand treatments! Although I had been to Lush before, we really enjoyed the hand treatments and learned a lot about the products and their ingredients. 
Okay, enough babbling! Since I have very dry skin, I bought a couple of products to try. First one I must rave about, Strawberry Feels Forever Message Bar! This message bar is used for very dry skin. The best time to apply this product is right after your shower or bath. It’s such a moisturizing bar and it smells like strawberry candy! (I love sweet smells!) 
Strawberry Feels Forever IMPORTANT Ingredients
*Strawberries (of course)
*Shea Butter
*Cocoa Butter
*Coconut Oil
*Olibanum Oil (used in Chinese medicines)
The second product that I bought to target my dry skin is the NEWLY released in the states (I’m guessing since it is not displayed on the USA site), Oatifix Fresh Face Mask! This product smells good enough to eat! (but don’t!) Ever heard of an oatmeal bath? Well, this is something that definitely that reminds me of that! It’s used to moisturize and gain flexibility back into your skin. 
Oatifix Fresh Face Mask IMPORTANT Ingredients
*Vanilla Absolute
*Ground Almonds
*Illipe Butter (softing agent for skin)
Please check out Lush for more handmade, fresh, minimal-to-none preservative cosmetics that are great for your skin!