Gabourey Sidibe Skin on ELLE

Ok, I had to blog about this one. Gabourey Sidibe star of the movie “Precious” and 4 other actresses were asked to be on the cover of ELLE magazine for their 25th Anniversary Cover representing 20 somethings that have different looks as actresses and plays different roles. ELLE had the other 3 models (fair-skinned) to pose FULL BODY and Gaborey Sidibe (dark-skinned) to only pose from the chest up. But that’s not the problem people had. Apparently, non-caucasian women are upset that Gaborey’s skin was lighten on the cover. 
Photo from Yahoo
Why is that the issue??
I personally didn’t take offense to that in particular. We all know that when you do close ups, lighting is important. The closer the light comes to your face, the brighter you will look. DUH! lol But that’s not what the issue should be. Why wasn’t her full body on the cover like the other 3 actresses? 
Well, we all know why. Because of her being who she is and her full figured body. Point Blank.