Product Review: Best Nail Hardener Ever!

Nutra Nail – Nail Hardener with Green Tea

I love getting acrylic on my nails, but I HATE taking them off to see my naturally thin, unhealthy nails. Usually the acrylic grows my nails to a length that I love.. but SERIOUSLY can’t keep. So I decided to go searching for a nail hardener that REALLY worked.
Mostly everyone I asked told me to try Sally Hansen’s Nail Diamond products, but I instantly said NO! (had a bad experience) So I googled and finally found Nutra Nail!
Nutra Nail – Nail Hardener does EXACTLY what it says. It is formulated to firmly bond nail layers and fill in weak spots. It forms a hard, protective shield against daily wear and tear. It’s for short, weak, brittle nails. Its a product that I can’t complain about. My nails never had the white tips naturally. Now they do with using this product.
I really recommend using this product if your nails can’t grow past a certain length, brittle, thin, and easily break. I saw results with the product in 2 days! Try this product and tell me how you like it!