24th BirthDay: á la Montreal

Maple Lovin’ Montreal 2010

Had so much fun with Trevor, Justin and LaDean this past weekend! We definitely celebrated my birthday in style!

Rouge Nail Bar was a sure treat. Located on 3790 Boul. St. Laurent Montreal, QC H2W 1X6, Canada was sure a convenient stop while shopping! It was such a cute shop but no where for our sweeties to sit. There was only seating for clients. As far as the technicians, well… let’s just say they are skimpy on the polish. And they only AIR dry. I’ve never been to such a classy nail salon before.. so maybe I’m overreacting! I was a little disappointed because they didn’t have the previous line of OPI (Hong Kong Collection) which I was looking forward to trying! 🙁 So I just used OPI’s Chapel of Love. It was a cute color for the end of the summer!

Montreal is such a romantic city! I didn’t want to leave. It was hard packing to head for that 5 hour drive back to Boston. We ate good food and partied every night! Shopping, pampering, time with my favorites, and a beautiful city made my birthday very special!


~Dress: Forever 21
~Shoes: Aldo
~Earrings: Forever 21
~Eyes: Zingy by MAC
~Lips: Pink Kiss by E.L.F.