The Lacquer I Love – Russian Navy

While looking for a dark, but not black nail polish for the fall, I stumbled upon a purple that’s deeper than deep. As I arrive home to try my new polish, I think to myself, “This is an awesome purple! Why is it called Russian Navy?” and began to place the brush of polish onto my nails. As I am done with stroking the nail polish on my pinky finger nail, I began to think that maybe this is not a purple. Maybe blue. Or navy. But I am instantly okay with the dark nail color.

Now it was time for me to hit the gym, and as I begin to open my car door, I see this Persian indigo, pigmented blue, shimmery glaze across my nails that shocked even me! Seeing the color in the natural light made me instantly “fall” in love! So I recommend if you want to know how a certain color looks exactly, swatch a sample on your nails and go outside to see if you like how it looks on your nails!

As I continued my day, I gathered a huge amount of compliments with made this nail polish my favorite for the fall!