“OMG.. where have you been?”

WOW.. yea.. like it’s been forever! So, I must say that I have been doing a ton of planning for the wedding and relaxing! Thanksgiving was a well needed break from this Massachusetts weather and food. I missed my mom’s cooking sooo much! Of course it was the mac and cheese, and dressing (or stuffing as some may call it), turkey, strawberry cheesecake, etc.! Oh gosh, I could go on forever and ever.

But anyway, I realized that I didn’t give you a run through of my self completely like I wanted to.

So, I’ll start off fresh.

I am just a girl who loves shopping and has a shoe fetish.

I am not your typical girl by any means.

I believe that every minute you spend angry is 60 seconds of happiness you can never recapture.

I am NEVER vulnerable to believing lies, so don’t even try it.
I’m in LOVE with my fiancé and the engagement ring he bought for me.

I live by quotes that express exactly how I feel. I HATE drama and so don’t try that either.
I am not spoiled but I usually get what I want.

Your opinions of me will never turn into my reality.

I am so RANDOM.
Love is what I love.

I love to meet new people who are not cookie cutter images of society.

My friends are beautiful and they are each touched by GOD.

I believe in dreaming not worrying, but sometimes I do worry.

I don’t like change, but change in life is certain you just have to roll with the punches.

You can’t tell your heart what to do it does it all on its own.
I enjoy getting pampered and my hair is my glory.

I stand up for what I believe in – even if I’m standing alone.<3 I’m afraid to fail; it means I’m a perfectionist. But when I do, it just means that I did my actual best. I’m not perfect and I love it that way. I enjoy taking on new projects and I’m very creative. I love, HELLO KITTY, the color baby blue, warm summer days, eating (bad habit), all kinds of music, pink nail polish, sweet tea, singing in the shower, my iPhone, my hair :), spending time with my lovely fiancé, shopping, being with my friends, my laptop, going on random road trips, bubble baths, Euphroia-Calvin Klein perfume, shopping, warm towels right out of the dryer, and my family.

I DISLIKE liars, THEIVES, spiders, washing dishes, and smart-elic people.

I’m an independent, sweet, smart, goofy individual. I love to be different.

Soooo.. there’s a little insight on my life! Hope this makes us acquainted! Be Sweet! 🙂