Christmas 2009 Wish List — keyword: WISH!

It’s that time of year again! The gift of giving to the people you care most about. I love exchanging gifts and seeing the smiles on my loved ones faces. Even though it is a recession, I’m excited to HOPEFULLY get a few things for Christmas (Mind you — it doesn’t mean I’m gonna get it!) But here a few items that are on the wish list. Most are wants, but some are definite needs. Here’s the list:

MacBook (In desperate need of new laptop!) ———-

Sigma Makeup Brushes IN PINK ———

North Face Jacket ( my first winter in the North!) ———-

Baroque Boudoir Lip Gloss – The Lap of Luxury (Mac Attack!) ——–

Tiffany & Co. Notes Earrings (every girl wants something from Tiffany’s!) —-

Cavachon Puppy (hypo – allergenic! I’m allergic to dogs!) ——

Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 (my old one broke! bummer..) ——

iTunes Gift Card (Addicted to my iPhone!) ——-

Bedroom Vanity (so I can get all my makeup off the bathroom counter! haha)——–

Flip Video Camera (capture exciting moments of family and friends!)

To be honest, this Christmas list was hard to come up with (shocker right?)! I literally had to think about what I wanted this Christmas! But I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and Santa gives you everything you want!