Forever 21 – Pastel Gold Bracelet Set

Hello Glamour Dolls! Today, I’m going to highlight this bracelet set from Forever 21 that I absolutely love! It’s so trendy and cute. I also had this bracelet set in the picture of the first blog. I don’t know why but I’m always trying to wear these with EVERYTHING! But to give a little description of this bracelet set — it’s very simple but gives a statement. My favorite bangle on this set is the turquoise colored bangle. It definitely sets the the tone of this bracelet set. It gives it flare and color. It doesn’t have a lot of texture which indicates it’s for an everyday look — nothing fancy. The white bangle makes the set look brighter. The salmon colored bangle is milli-grained edge which sets the difference between the other bangles. The cost of this set was pretty cheap. I can’t remember exactly how much, but it was pretty cheap. I think it was between $5-8 dollars. Really good price. Plus it’s extra cute! But anyway, I didn’t see this on the website so maybe it’s unavailable online and available in stores. If you have this product, or don’t have this product, tell me what you think. Good day! 🙂