Swanky Little Things?? What’s That??

Hello Fashionistas! I wanted to let you guys know what Swanky Little Things is all about. This blog is to inform you on my personal experiences as well as what’s hot in the streets! Swanky Little Things is a description of what small things enhance our everyday look. Some of the things this blog will cover is what I like to call small fashion such as rings, bangles, hats, shoes, fingernail polish, headbands, etc. Also, this blog will include tips and tricks on how to enhance grooming skills such as applying make-up, skin products, shampoo and conditioners, lip gloss, and so on! There will also be a few goodies to include that will keep you up-to-date on what the hottest A-listers are wearing! So remember to keep yourself posted on all things SWANKY!